Saturday, December 01, 2007

Half a stone

That's how much weight I've lost since I last weighed myself, which was some time before the birth. Clearly running around after Toni and Harriet has its compensations - we're eating very well (even on my cooking), so it's purely exercise. I don't think I've weighed this little - 12 stone, 5 ounces - for over a decade (and certainly not since my wedding as the honeymoon photos attest). Not bad for a 35 year old!

Harriet made us pay for her good behaviour the night before - she was grizzly all night, and at around 2.30am I found myself trotting downstairs for more TV while she comfortably slept in my (rapidly numbing) arm. She hasn't really improved until now after a bath with mummy! Meanwhile we're left to cope with the aftermath...

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