Sunday, November 11, 2007


I surprised myself after Blues' latest defeat by how angry, hurt and tired I felt of supporting them. The irony is, it has nothing to do with losing to 'them' (even though they've now won three derbies on the trot, something we couldn't do when we had the Indian sign over them), and everything to do with the fourth point we've now thrown away by conceding a late goal.

Once again the goalkeeper was at fault for the winner - Bruce was quick to drop Colin Doyle earlier on in the season, but you can bet Maik Taylor will keep his place for our next game in a fortnight's time.

Once again we started with a 4-5-1 formation, floundered about, conceded the inevitable goal and then proceeded to improve after switching to 4-4-2 at half time.

That's now one league win in five matches. Sadly, we've lost the other four, so we're not even grinding out draws like we've done in the past.

Amazing how quickly I can lose all heart with this club. Is it 27 years of supporting a team that will never do what Villa did - namely, concede, soak up extreme pressure, then clear the ball off our own line one minute and score the winner the next - or six years of Steve Bruce? He doesn't make mistakes and learn from them, he seems to repeat them until he's the last person being screamed at, and he's bombproof. If Carson Yeung doesn't find the funds to buy the club in December (and he's probably thinking twice after seeing how poor we've been), then the old regime will continue and Bruce will be untouchable. Perhaps that what it boils down to - whatever his achievements last year, he's got stale, and when you're stale and untouchable it becomes too depressing for words.

And now I've got to be all chipper and look for the positives for my Media Watch column for the match-day programme against Portsmouth. Right now I can't see how I'll raise myself to do that...

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