Thursday, November 08, 2007

More energy efficient measures

Just placed an order with ShopEco for some radiator reflector panels. I've purchased 10 panels - some radiators will need two, but because they're quite low profile, I'll be able to use the offcuts on other radiators so the whole house should be covered. Apparently they stop the radiator's heat from going straight into the wall, and these particular panels (as opposed to bog-standard reflective material) are designed to funnel the heat up from behind the radiator and out into the room. Hopefully coupled with the cavity wall insulation, we'll notice the difference this winter.

It was a relatively inexpensive purchase, and thanks to an offer whereby buying an eco-friendly light bulb would knock 10 per cent off the cost of the panels, I was able to replace the final non-energy efficient light bulb in the house for 50p (not bad for a non-standard light fitting).

Better still, I accidentally placed the order twice (because I failed to click a final confirmation button until it was too late, I didn't receive the confirmation email, so ended up doing it again), they've just phoned to inform me of the fact and to cancel one of the orders. Now that's professionalism!

Now all I need to do is finally get round to fitting a thermostat to control the heat more efficiently...

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