Monday, December 17, 2007

Coal-fired hypocrisy

If Brown rubber-stamps the building of new coal-powered stations (see here), then his environmental credentials will well and truly be exposed for the hot air they are. Of course, this so-called impending energy crisis might have been averted if the government had acted responsibly in the first place and taken steps to prevent people from ramping up their energy consumption over the past decade. LCD TVs were supposed to be more energy efficient than their CRT forebearers, but large-screen TVs are now up to three or four times worse than the old box in the corner. Too many fuel-inefficient cars are allowed on our roads and people have somehow become accustomed to throwing away a third of the food they purchase each week. On the other side of the world, meanwhile, people are already paying the price for our wastefulness and yet people throw up their arms in mock horror if anyone dares criticise them for being so irresponsible. And all because Labour lost the plot soon after taking power, and has never come even remotely close to regaining it.

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