Monday, April 07, 2008


I'm quite jealous of my brother and sister this morning. Both are Cardiff City fans, and both will now feel what it's like to be in an FA Cup Final. I hope Cardiff win, even if it makes me more jealous! All my life I've dreamed of Blues lifting a major trophy - the closest we've come in my lifetime was the Carling Cup Final in 2001 when we lost on penalties to Liverpool in typical Blues fashion. We last made the FA Cup semi-final in 1975, and the loss to Fulham after a replay (who were a division below us at the time) has haunted the club ever since. Of course we've also been finalists twice - in 1931 and 1956, losing both times despite being favourites.

I felt sorry for Barnsley yesterday - having knocked out both Chelsea and Liverpool I would have supported them had they prevailed, but that's life. And at least Barnsley have the consolation of an FA Cup win (around about 100 years ago, admittedly!) to console them. As for me, the events of this year have reawakened that dormant spark that perhaps one day Blues might lift the trophy. I'm still not sure if renewing that hope is a good or bad thing...

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