Sunday, April 06, 2008

Renewables being "strangled"

Nice to see this government slashing grants for homes wishing to install renewable energy (see here). I suspect this is part of its desire to push us into adopting more nuclear power, and frankly it's a disgrace. Like so many things in life, it appears you only have a choice when it's in the government's interests to give you one. And like so many other things in life, you can equate "government's interests" with "big business's interests".

Otherwise, why else is the Post Office described as "losing" £4m a week, when a more apt description would be "costing" £4m a week? And if that sounds like a lot of money, I wonder how many people will be affected by the closure of these post offices? And how that equates to the facts and figures surrounding Northern Rock, which is cost taxpayers billions of pounds? I know what I'd rather this government spent our money on, but then I'm stupid in believing it should be supporting the renewable industry over nuclear power, so what do I know?

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