Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Now we wait…

We left for Stanmore at just after 10am, and thanks to good road conditions (yes, the A12 and M25 were relatively clear!) we arrived over an hour early. After a leisurely lunch we arrived at the scanning department 10 minutes early, and 25 minutes later left, the scan all done and dusted. Then it was home again – the road was a little more congested, but we made reasonable time.

The very earliest we’re likely to hear anything is tomorrow, but it’s much more likely to be sometime next week. We have no idea what to expect – although expecting the worst (one of the hips being dislocated) is the safest course of action to follow. I daren’t hope for the best, although Harri seems very happy and increasingly mobile even in her plaster, crawling properly despite having her hips encased in plaster. Oh well, we’ll no doubt find out the best or worst soon enough. At least that’s one less trip to Stanmore, even allowing for the likelihood of heading down there in January should they discover one of the hips has dislocated to discuss what to do next.

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